It remains until the beginning of the festival: 43 let 133 dnů 17 hodin 22 minut 1 vteřina

The festival will run regardless of the weather as the Autocamping area is covered.

You don't practice yoga? It doesn't matter

You can only listen, relax, dance, get a massage, taste the food and wine, drink coffee and have fun.

Freedom, liberty, unity, health, family, friends, energy, experience, knowledge, love. This is the idea of our spontaneously created small festival. As we have the perfect location and the contagious love for yoga, we let the universe lead us towards our dream come true.

We warmly invite you to our small festival. Come along with your family, friends, colleagues, or even on your own. You sure won't be lost. You might be surprised how much yoga can offer and where and with whom you can practice it.

Reputable Trencin's yoga studios and their instructors will present some of their work and classes.

We offer a full day program. It is ideal to come over, have a look and try!

The festival will include meditations and breathing exercises; lectures and discussions about differents topics; massages; kids zone with animators; henna painting; food zone; chill out zone; fantastic coffee; tea room; wine tasting; presentation of handmade goods from creative people; musical intervals. The festival will conclude with a concert from the etno-instrument musicians.

Yoga studios
professional lectures
presentation on self-made products/goods
food stands

In Yogacamp you will see


She is fully covered with herbs - by heart and by mind. She is a single mother of 7 years old Šimonko, and as well a grafic and perma-culture designer supporting ecologic projects, farm and craft markets, creativity, self-sufficiency and closeness to nature.


Founder of Herbarium Project

Veronika likes to travel the world while getting to know experienced herbalists, local healing herbs and traditional ways of processing them. She shares all of these experiences not only on her website. Throughout the year you can find her giving free lectures at creative and ecological festivals. During the summers she organizes herb courses in the Zajezova region and during the colder months she runs practical workshops in different towns of western Slovakia.

Yoga studio YOGASHALA

Yoga Shala Trenčín is a holistic centrum offering a wide range of yoga styles and courses and a variety of therapies such as physiotherapy, SM system, Feldenkrais method, Power Core, Traditional chinese medicine, massage and cupping, all helping to develop a mental and physical wellbeing. Apart from our home studio activities we organize retreats in interesting Slovak and international destinations.

Jiří Alexa

Yoga instructor

Jiří is a founder of the first yoga studio in Trenčín which opened its doors to the public in 2010. JIŘÍ focuses on Ashtanga and Yin Yoga where he applies his knowledge of physiotherapy and the traditional chinese medicine.

Eva Kadlecová

Yoga instructor

Eva focuses on teaching Gravid Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga. She is a founder of a project YOGA IN KINDERGARTEN where she organizes the courses for children , families and also for future teachers.

Miriama Tureková

Yoga instructor

Miriama is a certified instructor of Kids Yoga, instructor of the MISP program (massages for kids by kids) and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She is a co-founder of the project YOGA IN SCHOOL.

Dušan Bustin

Dušan has been practicing Theravada meditation since 2000. He attends meditation sittings abroad regularly where he compliments his meditation practice under Doc. RNDr. Ivana Loučkova, CSc wing.


Gemini Centrum is the center of health, where the wisdom of eastern culture, our big experience, and inner desire to help others is connected. Our studio is located in the heart of Trenčín, in Mierove námestie, right under the castle. Our centrum offers yoga lessons focused on correct execution of yoga asanas with therapeutic and relaxing benefits. You can choose from classic yoga, yoga for healthy back, power yoga and vinyasa. Our huge experience and stays in meditation centers and monasteries are reflected in our guided meditations, and courses focus on development of mind and inner relaxation. We also offer special types of massages which you can find only in our center, such as hormonal massage, belly massage, full body yoga massage, massage for pregnant women, reflexive foot massage. Along with that we regularly organize many interesting courses, workshops and stays for beginners and intermediate students.


Yoga Instructor

Miroslava is a co-founder and certified instructor of yoga in Gemini Centrum. She engages mostly in traditional yoga which she studied in Thailand and India. Apart from traditional yoga she teaches yoga for a healthy back with therapeutic benefits and you can also try modern styles of yoga such as power yoga, vinyasa and hormonal yoga. She is a founder of the most successful yoga channel in Slovakia - Joga s Miou (Yoga with Mia).


Yoga Instructor

Mário is a masseur and meditation instructor with a long-time experience. He has been practicing meditation over the last 20 years and on his journey he spent loads of his time in meditation centers and buddha monasteries. In his courses he aims to teach in a simple way and with the human approach. He wants to teach people to step out of their daily routine, slow down, calm down and find the balance in their lives.

Yoga studio Misha Yoga Studio web MISHA

There is only one yoga but, the world is full of yoga instructors. Miška Vániová is the heart and engine of the studio. With her radiation and experiences she will make a class a great experience, with all the benefits of Flow Yoga. With guided relaxation and with the help of bowls and gongs, she will bring an inner peace and achieve the harmony of your mind and soul.


Yoga Instructor

There is only one yoga. But the world is full of yoga instructors. Miška Vániová is the heart and engine of the studio. With her radiation and experiences she will make a class a great experience with all benefits of Flow Yoga. With guided relaxation, with the help of bowls and gongs, she will bring an inner peace and achieve the harmony of your mind and soul.

Nika Kotláriková

Yoga Instructor

"Nika does yoga." - that's the most frequent comment Nika hears. But that's not fully true. Most of the times she presents herself in yoga positions, but she also practices Pilates, bodyweight exercises, weight training, HITT (high intensity interval training), acrobatics and acroyoga.

Juraj Lahučký

QI GONG - set of the spiritual and physical exercises

QI GONG - a set of the spiritual and physical exercises, helps to grow the body, mind and spirit. Apart from that, it helps as an active prevention from different illness. There are many routines in 'talone': protecting the energy, removing the negative one or for meridians of different organs.

Zuzka Krejčová

Yoga Instructor

I am dedicated to Power Yoga - dynamic yoga not only for men and sportsmen but also for active women who are looking for the power, strength, stretching and relaxation in yoga.


A modern yoga studio which offers, apart from the exercising, a creative space where people feel good and like to come back to. It's a space where you will find guided and private yoga, dance and pilates lessons, workshops and yoga, with guests from abroad. Together with you, here we create our perfect universe.

Petronela Chalupková

Yoga Instructor

My intention during the creation of YOGA SPACE was to open the modern studio which will offer, apart from the exercising, a creative and pleasing environment where people feel good and like to come back to. In my practice I prefer yoga in modern implementation where I can fully express my creativity and freedom.


Yoga Instructor

My intention during the creation of YOGA SPACE was to open the modern studio which will offer, apart from the exercising, a creative and pleasing environment where people feel good and like to come back to. In my practice I prefer yoga in modern implementation where I can fully express my creativity and freedom.

Yoga studio Trenčín

YOGA Studio Trenčín - Discover your balance in the modern world. The place with a nice and positive atmosphere. A space for people who are looking for the connection between the physical movement and inner harmony.

Monika Zovčáková

Yoga instructor


About me - Yoga – I live and breath yoga. I love it endlessly, whether with you, when I am teaching you or whether I am being taught. I built myself on Hatha, but Vinyasa is closest to my heart. Vinyasa gives me a space for creativity, flow of the breath, rhythm, play and good feeling about myself. I am also intensively practicing Hormonal Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues. This therapy brings joy, well-being and balance into my life. My yoga journey started in 2013 in Cambodia where I volunteered for 3 months. The journey was developing fast in Bali, Thailand, India and Nepal where I visited different studios , met different teachers who formed me into how I take this fantastic process. I enjoy educating myself in those aspects of yoga which interest me, learn from the teachers who know what they talk about and which help me on my own journey. It fulfills me to teach you. At the moment I am based in Trenčín.


Yoga instructor

Boris Záhumenský

Yoga has been part of my life for many years. It is a self-realization and connection of the body, soul and mind. Asana + Pranayama + Meditation will be a talk and practical lecture focused to connect physical exercise with basic breathing techniques and simple meditation. Principle and context will be explained, as well as how they affect our simple life.

Boris Záhumenský

Yoga Instructor

Vierka Marčeková

Spontaneous dance gives us an opportunity to dance the way we like, shake off everything needed without being judged. Dance has a healing potential, intensifies the connection with the body and supports mindfulness. mindful way of living. At the same time it calms the mind, and inspires towards the acceptance of our own mind.

Vierka Marčeková

Dance teacher

DjembeJam #djembejam

Impromptu of weird individuals with love for art, culture and music



Music zone s Maris


Maris will sing covers of jazz and pop songs in her own interpretation.



Lecture with Q&A session with VERONIKA REPKOVA – How to maintain good health in cold weather

Lecture with Q&A session with Boris Záhumensky - AsanaPranayamaMeditacia - Purpose and use in yogic practice and daily life.

Lecture with Q&A session with Dušan Bustin - Theravada Meditation

Lecture with Q&A session with Mirka Migašova - Hormonal Yoga Therapy


Wine Tasting
Silent Zone
Presentation of self made products of very creative people
Kids Corner with Animator
Life Music

The food

   Coffee Sheep - coffee, coffee shop and roastery
   Čajovňa Pohoda Senica - OZ Liteara
   Milktrade Slovakia - grilled smoked cheese and other cheese specialities
   The Taste of India - IIndian restaurant
   Vinkovič - taste the aroma of our vineyards


The festival area will be open from 9.30 hod.

Yoga Shala presents:

• Kundalini Mind Yoga
• Astanga Yoga
• Yin Yoga
• Gravid Yoga
• Family Yoga
• Theravada meditation

Gemini Centrum presents:

• Yoga - healthy back
• Soundehealing meditation


• yoga essentials - the power of the breath and alertness

Misha Yoga presents:

• yoga flow & sound therapy
• qi gong
• power yoga


• guided vinyasa

Yoga Space presents:

• power & flexibility

Boris Záhumenský

physically and verbally will represent:
Asana Pranayama Meditation - purpose and use in yogic practice and daily life

Vierka Marčeková

She won't let anyone rest with her spontaneous dance.


• Boris Záhumenský - handpan
• THanka Gallová - fujara
• Mariss Schönová - vocals
• DjembeJam - etno etno instruments


Festival will be finished by the evening music


Dear visitors and fans of 'yogafestivaling'. Your health and safety are the priority leading towards joy and happiness from sharing the space and activities. Nobody knows us better than ourselves and we know about our own limits. We have our own philosophy, and space we need for our free expressions and as well our imaginary borders we surround ourselves. And that's only good. We lift our own uniqueness and at the same time we reflect the needs of the beings around us. The idea of our festival is liberty and freedom; let's enjoy it fully and within reason.

Priebeh festivalu bude zaznamenávať Nika Kotláriková.
For the hygienic purposes and reasons we recommend bringing your own yoga mat. There are showers and changing premises in the festival area. Please note: There are NO safety lockers.
Entry and stay in the mass event is allowed only with covered upper airways (e.g. mask, scarf, shawl). Keeping a 2 meter distance is recommended. It doesn't apply to the people living in the same household, partners, people practicing the sport, artists perforforming, people sitting in the audience, people giving lectures and other people if the circumstances and the purpose of the event do not allow.

Contact The organizers

Magdaléna Schönová

telefón: +421 908 466 859

Simona Čiepková

telefón: +421 905 633 905

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