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Yoga Festival Not Only About Yoga
3.9. - 4.9.2021

Do začiatku festivalu zostáva: 43 let 133 dnů 17 hodin 22 minut 1 vteřina

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Yoga Festival Not Only About Yoga

This is the subtext of a festival created spontaneously in 2020. Its non-official ideas were freedom, liberty, cohesiveness, health, family, friends, energy, experience and love. All these attributes got connected and created a wonderful day. The 2nd year of the Yogacamp is starting in the same spirit. S malým podtitulom: I am a being full of health and satisfaction. .

The most beautiful thing in life is life itself. With all its direct journeys and as well with its, not always very pleasant, hidden places. We are the ones who affect the quality of our own life; we are the creator of our own happiness; we are the ones fully responsible for our actions, decisions and health. Each one of us has a choice on how we create our own life story: if we take the role of a passive player or if we take the role of a director. We choose in which condition we will keep our body, mind and spirit. Yes, of course there are circumstances we are not able to foresee and influence. We can happen to be in a bad moment within a second. How to deal with such a situation right away? How to heal the wounds on the body and soul? Is there a guaranteed recipe for how to repair and heal, a recipe for happiness? Do we necessarily have to lose our life power, our health? We can, but we do not have to. One of the alternatives to help us in a web of questions is yoga. Of course, yoga itself is not a medication. It is a journey. Yoga is not only about the physical positions. Yoga teaches us to remember our breath - the instrument we forgot to use correctly and through the different breathing methods connect with our unique essence, with our integrity. Yoga teaches us to slow down, to recognize the real essence of life. Teaches us the art of meditation. Teaches us to love, receive and give.

The yoga instructors from Trencin's yoga studios will share their experience, knowledge and benefits in their workoshops and yoga lessons. We kindly invite you and we look forward to meeting you all.


Different styles of yoga

Workshops with not-only yoga topics

Interesting music program

Lectures and talks


Creative zone where you can make your own work of art

Making of a collective mandala

Om chanting

Raffle with valuable gifts

Cute little things form skilled handcraft makers

Henna painting

Hormonal massages



Magdaléna Schönová

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    The festival will be recorded.


    For the hygiene purposes we recommend to bring your own yoga mat. There is no safe storage facilities for your belongings.


    Parking is available beside the indoor swimming pool, at the paid parking lot across Sokolovna Pub & Regal burger, beside the open door swimming pool, or - with the limited parking spaces - at the entrance of the area Pláž na Ostrove.


    For cross-country skiers, we offer attractive accommodation near Trenčín in the White Carpathians, or directly below the width in the festival area (showers are not available).

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    The information will be updated accordingly by the current situation.


    There is no option to pay by card (cash only).


    Refreshment will be provided and can be purchased by Bufet na Ostrove. It is not possible to pay for refreshments with a credit card.


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